Organized and attended by some of the wealthiest people on the planet, Further Future is the luxurious alternative to Burning Man. Check out their ‘dystopian’ opulence.

For three days in the desert beyond Las Vegas, over 5000 people arrived for a  weekend of incredible music, visionary speakers, inspirational art and human connection. The festival boasted of artists both new and established, musicians and performers, futurists and technologists; esteemed entrepreneurs, visionaries and thought leaders. Extraordinary music and stunning art blended with and enhanced the usually barren desert.


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Formed by and for an elite few, the festival has been tagged as the Burning Man For The 1%. Following criticism from burners regarding their penchant for luxury and lack of community spirit, several wealthy tech CEOs came together to form Further Future for others like them. As an invite only event, the festival has been built to cater to the eccentric tastes and desires of the affluent complete with personal assistants, spa treatments and fine dining. While Burning Man keeps their luxury accommodations hidden at the edge of town, they were unapologetically flaunted at Further Future.

Either way, the festival is unique, though clearly inspired from Burning Man, and is an amazing experience. With a dystopian/futuristic vibe set across the desert backdrop, it also makes for some stunning pictures. Check out of some of the best Instagram images from people who were lucky enough to be invited in.


Check out these ridiculously photogenic festival goers.



Things start to get a little wild in the desert.


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People really love taking pics with this installation.


After partying in the desert heat, this is how attendees chill.


The festival was adorned by many other such installation bringing life to the drab desert scenery.


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Camping has never been this fun.