In the otherworldly surroundings of Santhei Natural Park, which is situated serendipitously in the crux of the beautiful city of Imphal, Where Have All The Flowers Gone? brings together old souls and fledgling wanderers. Where Have All The Flowers Gone? is a celebration and tribute to Pete Seeger, where the wonderful people of Manipur and anyone else who wishes, nestle in the hearth of Imphal for three days of great music and an ideal getaway. Here’s a glimpse of the aesthetic affair that was this weekend in Imphal.

1.  The Breathtaking Venue

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2. The Reggae Vibes


3. The Brilliant Opening Act: Imphal Talkies

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4. An Escape For The Free Spirited

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5. The Cycling Rally


6. “The Folk Princess”: Mangka


Mangka is a fledgling folk artist from Manipur.

7. An Enrivonment Firendly Environment


Jadav Molai Payeng, “The Forest Man” is an Assamese environmental activist who took part in tree plantation drives in and around Imphal during the fest.

8. The Community


The WHATFG Team & The Santhei Park Development Committee

With a promise to return next year, Where Have All The Flowers Gone? came to a graceful end this year. Intrigued about hilltop festivals? Check out our collection of India’s trippiest hilltop fests, ideal for a summer getaway. Also, don’t forget to check out the WHATFG?’s Facebook!