The 7th edition  of Go Madras achieved everything that an electronic music fan loves – fabulous lineup, beach-facing frontier, intimate settings and great vibes.

Held at the luxurious Radison Blu along the pristine coastline of Mahabalipuram, Go Madras proved yet again why it is one of South India’s best electronic dance music excursions. Fans of intimate setting have flocked to the festival for the last several years due to the confluence of various elements that manage to make the music unique. This year too, top notch artists, great weather, picturesque location lapped up in luxury, and a strong dance music culture helped deliver quite the edition!

Here are the images that prove just how amazing the seventh instalment of Go Madras really was!

1. Firstly, can we sit back and appreciate just how beautiful the location of Go Madras is –


2. Taking place in a luxury hotel from across the beach front, it’s no surprise that Go Madras is music and experience packed into one!


3. And because it takes place in South India, it delivers the quintessential summer experience. One of sun, water and summer dresses!


4. The people who attended the 7th edition of Go Madras turned out as immaculately dressed up as one would imagine!

5. And some dressed down, not that anyone was complaining!


6. Basically, some passionate electronic music fans turned up in their most fashionable..


7. And ready-to-have fun avatars!


8. But when the music started, it completely took over!


9. Go Madras saw people have the best time to the choicest of electronic music!


10. The result was an impressively defiant party culture!

11. And the proof lies in these photos! Because the best images can only be shot, when people are legitimately enjoying themselves!


12. With some equally awesome artist portraits!

13. Seriously, really awesome, if you’re asking us –



14. Who performed some maddeningly great sets even when the lights hit home!



15. And Madras partied like only it can!


16. Until next year, Go Madras. Seriously, you’re awesome!


(All Images by Ashish Parmar | Go Madras)