With India’s happiest music festival debuting in Shillong last weekend, the hills of Northeast rang true with some lovely music leaving behind gorgeous photographs.

It was only fair that Bacardi NH7 Weekender, a festival that brings together the very best of homegrown indie music and the most incredulous talent from the global stage, made its way to Shillong, arguably India’s rock capital; where love and passion for music has cultivated and thrived for several years. In its premier Shillong edition, Weekender brought in a slate of brilliant artists; from local Northeast musical legends to credible names from India’s independent music, to legendary global acts, The Wailers and Megadeth. And if the photographs and early reviews are anything to go by, then it was as spectacular a debut as one would imagine it to be!

And The Sherp has just the image collective to prove it!

1. That Shillong is ethereal is known. The Bhoirymbong sport complex proved the ideal destination for Weekender’s spirits. But it was the comforting site of the Weekender flags that made everyone pumped enough for the epic two days to follow.


2. The welcoming drapes of warm hues proving just the invitation Weekender Fans needed!

3. With Weekender, itself, bringing in cute, colourful installations ruminative of the festival’s happy spirit.

4. Proving their pose-worthy status 


5. And as some showed, it was the location, weather and time to ride to, in all glory.

6. And since it’s the Northeast, with all its kitschy love for all things cool, Weekender fans got it absolutely right with their festival fashion 

7. From grunge-metallic to hobo, they gamed it up just fine.

8. Even Monica Dogra dug into her bohomian spirit real deep 

9. But fashion or not, Shillong was itching for Weekender to begin! And began it did, as a strong collective of musicians took to the stage 

10. From local favourites, folk rock band Summersalt –


11. To up and coming crowd pleasers such as Polar Lights

Polar Lights

12. and Street Stories 

Street Stories

13. The music of Northeast India shone its brightest colours. With influences of folk rock from Manipur’s Imphal Talkies –

Imphal Talkies

14. To the bluesy utopia of Shillong’s most famous export to India, Soulmate, who brought in local icon Rana Khargonkor.

Soulmate - Rana Kharkongor

15. And of course, when folk hero Lou Majaw took to the stage, the crowd, in unison, lost all their poise!

Lou Majaw

16. And while the music of the Northeast was discovered and fawned over, Weekender regulars made it to the stage too! From the custodians of coolth, Ankur and the Ghalat Family –

Ankur and the Ghalat Family

17. To bass raja Nucleya!


18. To scene favourites, Your Chin and Madboy / Mink.

19. But it was when The Ska Vengers set the reggae vibe rolling for The Wailers, that the crowd collectively cheered the loudest.

The Ska

20. And The Wailers took to the stage in all Rastafarian glory!

The Wailers

21. But of course, rock fans in Shillong waited with baited breath for the final legendary act of the event


22. And when Megadeth took the stage, the venue erupted in rock-fueled joy!


23. Here’s to a brilliant Shillong debut, Weekender! We can’t wait for the remaining editions of Weekender to unfold!

(All images via : Bacardi NH7 Weekender Facebook, unless stated otherwise)