The 2016 Comic Con Mumbai edition saw some special guests and some hardcore fans turn out in their best costumes!

Comic Con, over the past few years, has been getting increasingly popular due to the huge boom in fan fiction, TV shows and movies. The Mumbai edition saw some of the most enthusiastic people turn up to express their love for their favorite characters! This year, the Mumbai edition had a wide range of special guests to adorn the two day convention. Jim Beaver a.k.a. Bobby Singer from the Supernatural TV series was more than happy to interact with his fans. Also from the artists and creators sections were Dan Goldman, Edwin Huang and Cameron Stewart!

We take a look at all the cosplays and all the madness from the two days fest!

The cosplayers came out in full force! 

There was tons of swag for everyone to buy and marvel at!

Jim Beaver was undoubtedly the star of the evening!  

Ajay Devgn was present to promote his new film – Shivaay!

People also got a chance to meet artists and get inspired by their artwork! 

The crowd looked super enthusiastic at all the panel discussions!

The cosplay contest saw some of the best cosplay mashups on stage!

(All pictures courtesy – Comic Con India Facebook)

All in all, the two day event saw some of the most dedicated and loving fans turn up to show their love and support for their favorite characters, shows and movies. Once again, Comic Con proved itself to be a great success in what could be called, one of the best years they’ve had in the city since they first started!

Until next time Comic Con!