Missed out on MDRNTY Cruise 2017? You will thank us for this visual treat of insane pictures from this one hell of a party! 

Held between 16th to 20th September 2017, the MDRNTY Crusie stood to its promise of a fun-filled four nights party experience for the festival attendees. A 294m-long cruise liner with a 1000-man crew had loads to offer in terms of three swimming pools, 11 bars, five restaurants, and a spa. Whereas, leisure opportunities like tennis, bowling, sports club along with a 4D cinema and five dance floors kept the party lovers quite on their feet.

1. MDRNTY Cruise welcomes party lovers on-board!

Collaborating with some of the major labels such as Cocoon, Rumors, Fuse London, Sunrise, Flying Circus, Caprices Festival, AMG Booking, Cocobeach Paris, Nordstern and Vatos Locos, MDRNTY Cruise curated 5 dance floors for its 2017 journey.

2. Sven Väth gets the party started on Day 1 of MDRNTY Cruise 2017

Providing a combination of traditional as well as cutting-edge designs, MDRNTY Cruise offered a great deal of gourmet restaurants as well as 12 theme bars.

3. People on-board put their best foot forward as the night unfolds with some of the most renowned artists owning the music scene! 

A perfect way to experience temporary epicurean is this 294-meter long floating festival – MDRNTY Cruise.

4. Not even the daybreak could put a stop to the insane 24-hour party 

Pop up events by the likes of wine and spirits tasting, art and technology shows, film and documentary screenings (in a 1200-seat theatre), contemporary art exhibitions, electronic yoga, sports and fun animations, all were a part of the MDRNTY Cruise 2017.

5. The party by the pool only further soared the summer heat

Apart from providing a rather lit party atmosphere, MDRNTY Cruise encourages people on-board to relax and discover cities at the different stop-overs.

6. The levels of madness during the night, as well as the day parties, were unmatched

With over 70 artists and performers by the likes of Sven Väth, Jamie Jones, Dixon, Guy Gerber, Ben Klock and many more, this groove-worthy festival accommodated up to 3200 clubbers onboard the MSC Magnifica. Making stopovers at Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza and Barcelona, MDRNTY Cruise had insane 24-hour parties that kept the party lovers right on their feet.

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