The first edition of Wonderflip was one for the books.

With its unique location, flawless music curation, and emphasis on art, this festival attracted a unique mix of music lovers, dreamers, and adventure seekers to spend four wonderful days together. Our photo diary is a just a little glimpse into what you have missed out on.

1. The palatial Ravala Khempur was a stunning location for a festival

2. Frankey and Sandrino agree

3. Vaal cast a spell on the crowd with her mesmerizing music

4. The music put souls in sync at Wonderflip

5. The Torus Energy painted another trippy masterpiece at the festival

6. Wonderflip even had a neat little marketplace

7. Klove Studio’s Room of Reflections was a sight for sore eyes

8. Fearless bikers performed unimaginable feats at Royal Enfield’s  Maut Ka Kuan

9. Sunset was a splendid time at Wonderflip

10. Especially in the courtyard of the charming haveli

11. The poolside looked perfect

12. Gaudi closed out the mainstage with an explosive performance along with Danny Ladwa

13. Wonderflip was a safe haven for dreamers

14. This pretty mural was finished just in time for the festival

15. The acrobats perfectly synchronized their stunts with the music

16. There was no shortage of magical moments at Wonderflip

17. Calm Chor delivered a lethal set at the main stage

Photo Credit: Wonderflip

18. Smiling faces were abundant

Photo credits: Festival Sherpa & Wonderflip