The eco-conscious festival got a ton of buzz for the initiative as well as the insane music!

Echoes of Earth was the festival to be at in November at the Embassy International Riding School in Bangalore with it’s sustainable lifestyle, the number of interesting workshops, the display of lost and rare folk musical instruments as well as the incredible music line-up that included over 40 national and international artists who took to the three incredibly designed stages in the most perfect location one could ask for. We have a few pictures that will give you some incredible FOMO.

1. There were flamingos to greet everyone! 

2. Doesn’t this look comfortable AF!

3. We got a glimpse at the Yaksha Stage in broad daylight

4. This trippy canvas was the best spot for the quintessential selfie.

5. People were invested in all the surroundings.

6. We caught everything in sight.

7. The museum had the most interesting construction at the venue.

8. Is it even possible to have such an attractive direction board at sunset?

9. Everything looked like a dream.

10. ALO WALA gave a stellar performance.

11. And then, Youngr takes the stage.

12. Beardyman went all out for the audience.

13. And the audience loved it! 

14. Talvin Singh and Rishadh Seen made the Yaksha stage come alive.

15. Just look at the magnificent stage.

16. MADBOY/MINK were total badass with all that energy.

17. Submotion Orchestra stole the show on the final day.

18. Susheela Raman ends her set on a high note.

19. Jordan Rakei brought the Nilgiri Stage to life.

20. What a view to end the experience with.

(All images courtesy – Echoes Of Earth)