The second edition of eco-conscious festival Echoes of Earth made for a perfect escape from the busy city life of Bangalore. 

Those at the festival spent their weekend on dancefloors surrounded by trees and exploring ingenious installations at a sprawling 150 acre venue. After seeing this photo album, Echoes of Earth will definitely be on your festival bucket list next year.

1. Hoot! Hoot! There was a giant animatronic owl who welcomed everyone to the festival grounds.

2. There was no question of ever getting lost in the woods.

3. Recycled CDs for this big bug.

4. Some larger than life performances on The Channapatna Toy Town stage.

5. Youngr’s multi-instrumental performance was spellbinding.

6. The fire spinners at the Big Tree stage were a flaming addition to the performances there.

7. The Spider Stage looked a lot less scarier when it showcased some outstanding techno and house performances.

8. Traditional Channapatna toys for sale at the festival! There was even a workshop that taught people how to make their own ones.

9. Komorebi enchanted everyone at the festival with her soulful voice.

10.  Mia’s acoustic performance at sundown was one for the books.

11. We’re glad doggos and puppers were allowed at the festival too!

12. This ferociously vibrant dog did a great job protecting everyone at the festival.

13. The energy of the crowd peaked during Hilight Tribe’s set at the Dragonfly Stage.

14. This simple but elegant installation of origami birds on a tree was a crowd favourite.

15. We’ll give you 5 extra points if you can spot a Gameboy on this recycled installation.

16. The projected wings at the Dragonfly Stage looked gorgeous at night.

17. This bar provided an opportunity to soak in all of nature’s beauty while sipping your favourite drink.

18. Mohini Dey’s performance at Echoes of Earth certified that she is a prodigy.

19. Kutle Khan brought complex Rajasthani folk music to the Toy Town Stage.

20. Echoes of Earth paved the path to show that an event can be excellent and eco-conscious at the same time.

You can check out more pictures from the festival on their Facebook Page

(Photo Credits: Echoes Of Earth & Festival Sherpa)