The people of Chinchilla, a small town in Queensland, know that if life gives you melons, ski in them!

Inspiring an array of terrible melon-related puns, Chinchilla launched the 21st edition of their famous Watermelon Festival this February. With a turnout of over 18,000 folks from all over Europe, this year’s melon celebration was borderline epochal.


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The best part though, were the strangely innovative activities the festival had organized for the attendees. Starting from melon-skiing to a melon-seed spitting contest and even “watermelon ironman”—we don’t know what that one means either—they went all out with the festivities and displayed the fact that one can never have too many melons splendidly.


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All of this, plus some incredible live music ended the celebration on a happy note. Color the Sherp impressed.

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