Think women at festivals and the only thing standing as a major pet peeve is the disastrous situation involved with portaloos. This is why The Sherp recommends PeeBuddy as a female friendly help for fuss-free sanitation.

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Attending music festivals involves letting go of city-based luxurious hang-ups, and diving into a world of sheer euphoria-led madness. But the problem that continues to plague festival organisers even today is the provision of a hassle-free hygiene system. We don’t genuinely blame them though. The number of festival attendees has grown exponentially in the last few years, with most festivals bringing in people by the thousands, and it’s virtually impossible to cover festival grounds with lines of portaloos. While various festivals try to have a set-up promising cleanliness, few hours into the festival render them absolutely unusable. The long lines just worsen the predicament.

While this situation has been the long standing complaint for all festival attendees in general, women, especially have it the harder way. What with them having to sit on unkempt and often contaminated toilets, because of, well, biology. But PeeBuddy aims to completely revolutionise the process as a handy introduction to every female festival goer’s festival backpack.

What is PeeBuddy? 

As the name suggests, PeeBuddy is that festival best friend you’ve missed for too long. Making bladder relieving easy for women worldwide, PeeBuddy allows women to pee, standing up. Coming in disposable sets, each PeeBuddy device is a cone-resembling object that can be placed under the flow area, enabling women to stand and pee in various precarious situations. The device is then disposable. Its efficiency has led to its use by forward thinking large events in India like Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon and TCS Bangalore Marathon.

How it works

Here’s to cleaner festivals!

While PeeBuddy comes as a handy device for women in most situations, The Sherp recognises its invaluable role in making a festival experience seamless. While we appreciate festivals around the world doing their bit making sanitation at festivals less problematic, the revolution bought about by PeeBuddy is a genuine need of the hour, and is a noble addition to the process.

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