This weekend, the Joshua Tree Music Festival will bring to California its share of creative expressionism and positive energy!

Transformational festivals are the new norm, and why shouldn’t they be? With music festivals aiming to be getaways for people from their monotonous drone, packing the festival experience with activities that prompt creative and spiritual awakening just amplify the sapience of it all. Not to mention, they provide an extremely alternative lifestyle to the one that is the societal norm. In similar vein, the Joshua Tree Music Festival is an all-inclusive, metaphysical journey that aims for amalgamation of mind, body and soul in celebration; as it brings together music, art, science and love for nature.

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Held at the picturesque Joshua Tree national park in Southern California, the festival is all set to foster an intimate community of social well-being from October 8 to 11. We look at all the activities at Joshua Tree Music Festival that truly make it one of a kind.

Community Effort

Every year, the idea of the Joshua Tree Music Festival is realised due to the efforts of a bunch of people who volunteer to make the festival happen. From the birthing of the very first foundation to the moment of finale, they work together in a bid to enrich people through the work of art. This community effort is idealised throughout the festival as interactions are forged and encouraged to promote social welfare.

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The Joshua Tree Music Festival caters to all, through its many activities, and is all-welcoming as it witnesses the attendance of people of all age groups, families with children and young free-spirits. Each one of them finds engagement in the festival’s several activities, which are designed to involves one and all.

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Healer’s paradise

Joshua Tree Music Festival places a lot of emphasis on healing through natural exercises, such as yoga and meditation. With over a dozen leading yoga instructors heading to the festival, the many yogic activities are designed keeping the skill in astute perfection, while spirituality is beckoned with determination. It is the various otherworldly practices that bring a zeal of life and celebration at Joshua Tree.

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Underground Music

Much like the inherent temperament of the festival, the musical lineup of Joshua Tree Music Festival features lesser known, qualitative acts that are challenging the fringes of musical territory by expanding it with experimentation. These acts are not only up and coming but they get to share the stage with established names from the scene. The 2015 lineup includes names like The Funk Hunters, Xavier Rudd & The United Nations, Bang Data and Ben Miller Band to name a few!

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Positive Vibration Station

The Positive Vibration Station is a truly one of the most distinct assets of the festival as music, practices, sound and nature are used to dissipate vibes that build the positivity around the festival. Exercises like moving to the music, Poi spinning, Acro Yoga, kirtans, improv jams, poetry exercises, didgeridoo playing and tibetan singing bowls are used to practice mood control.

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Visual Arts

Art is glaringly kept obvious around the arena of the Joshua Tree Music Festival as performance artists, painters and spoken word artists take charge at the various activities around the festival. The atmosphere, then, is one that inspires awe and creativity throughout, inducing the ambience with artistic energy, otherwise unparalleled.

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Astronomy Theatre

The Astronomy Theatre isn’t a scientific, inert dome, but is instead an arena under the open sky and stars where visitors are encouraged to satiate their curiosity by looking at the sky; the space, and imbibing knowledge from the same. A highly spiritual, and simplistic idea that adds the festival a great deal of profundity.

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The Joshua Tree Music Festival is a space where music brings along various art forms for accompaniment, as you soak in energy from nature, the sun and the trees, while fostering a highly sensitive community with everything around you, seeking knowledge as you give some. It has a highly ascetic undertone, making the experience a humble and coy takeaway.

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