THE SCENE @ Ballard Estate is creating a safe environment for every attendee to bring in the biggest day of the year.

In this day and age where women’s safety is of a big concern, New Year’s Eve is often looked upon as a day when these unruly activities are at their peak. Last year, for example, in Bengaluru, several women were allegedly molested and heckled on the famous MG Road on New Year’s Eve. And while women’s safety continues to be an issue that many are yet to sit up and take notice of, one festival in Mumbai is about to make a difference and ensure that every person in attendance has a great time. And honestly, we’re glad to know that there is an NYE party that we can be ourselves at. We’re talking about THE SCENE @ Ballard Estate. And here’s everything you need to know about the tickets

This outdoor entertainment bonanza not only guarantees to be the hottest NYE party in Mumbai, but also promises to be the safest party for women and couples to let their hair down and have a ball of a time. With a special area reserved only for women and couples, you, me and everybody can party the night away right from 8 pm onwards on the 31st of December 2017.

After all, it’s not every day that you get the chance to make merry at one of Mumbai’s most iconic heritage sites – Ballard Estate. I mean, wouldn’t you rather bring in the new year outdoors than at another claustrophobic indoor environment?

What more, Bollywood sensation Neha Kakkar, Mumbai’s Jungli Sher Divine, global bass producer MojoJojo and supporting act DJ Metanoia will be bringing in 2018 with you, making it the ultimate outdoor NYE experience. Neha Kakkar, Bollywood’s latest sensation and crooner to hits like ‘Kala Chasma’ and ‘Manali Trance’ had this to say, “I’m extremely happy to be celebrating this New Year’s Eve with my fans in Mumbai. When the team at THE SCENE got in touch with me and told me about their idea for New Years, I was instantly excited. I can’t wait to see everyone on the 31st of December at Ballard Estate.”

Aamchi Mumbai’s own homegrown hip-hop star, Divine, will be belting his infectious Hindi rap to some pretty sick beats. So don’t forget to rap along to his hard-hitting verses. You’ll pick up them soon enough.

MojoJojo’s punchy, driven, infectious and danceable music will have you grooving effortlessly on the dance floor. The biggest example being his redux version of this year’s hit ‘Humma Humma’. We suggest you carry a pair of comfortable shoes for his set, just in case.

With THE SCENE @ Ballard Estate, the organisers – ZEE Live, are taking a big leap towards transforming the heritage district of Ballard Estate into the hub of outdoor entertainment & culture while also sending out a strong message of social consciousness towards the importance of women’s safety.

So better make sure that you don’t miss a second of this and book your tickets for as low as INR 1000 (for women)here.

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(Image credits: THE SCENE @ Ballard Estate)