Dance music is taking over the United Kingdom.

Ticketmaster’s State of Play: Dance Music Report revealed some not-so-astonishing numbers about UK’s live dance music scene. Allegedly, there’s been almost a rise of 500% in dance music festivals in the UK since 2000. It’s hardly surprising that EDM has skyrocketed in the last decade, having made its presence felt more prominently with every coming year. But the sheer scale of it– a 5x increase– is quite astonishing.


The report included other interesting information. Apparently, over 10 million people have attended at least one dance music event with a 29% increase in interest of the genre, in the span of the last three years. This is clear evidence of EDM’s international takeover in the last couple of years.


Furthermore, festival culture has also blossomed, according to the report. 51% of the 1017 people surveyed had been to a music festival in the same window of the last three years. What do you think about the future of festival culture? What do you think will be the next international musical movement after EDM?

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