We all want to know what makes this artist tick, don’t we?

Well now you will. Red Bull Media House is producing a special documentary, just for all you Nucleya fans, giving you the inside story into the life of your favourite DJ and the country’s biggest electronic music phenomenon. Titled, Ride To The Roots, the documentary premieres on 15th August on VH1 and is the untold story of the life of the star.  You can check out the trailer on the website here and on Facebook here

With the ridiculous amount of fans he has everywhere he goes, lining up to get tickets to see their hero play live, the young artist has really grown in the last couple of years.  The documentary will witness the artist returning to his hometown of Ahmedabad, a city me moved to at the tender age of 3 as he comes home to a sweet reunion with his parents as well as an epic homecoming gig on top of the Red Bull Tour Bus, while 10,000 fans watch! The film will feature nostalgic moments as he connects with the people and streets he grew up on; reminiscing moments from his parents of his childhood and much more. It will even feature his wife, Smriti and son, Guri, his current home in Goa; his protective older brother, Nitin, and the National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad– the place where he met his wife.

“Looking back at my journey, from growing up in Ahmedabad – where there was absolutely no gig scene in the nights, and it wasn’t easy to be an electronic music producer – to now, where I’ve been lucky enough to play music festivals across the country and world, and release albums in the most unique ways, I’m humbled by everything I’ve been able to achieve. It’s been an incredible journey, and retracing it through Ride To The Roots, with so many of the people who’ve made it possible, was very special.” Says Nucleya

Through the beauty of storytelling of  places and people revisted, fans get to know another side of Nucleya like they never knew before. Whether it’s his former or current managers who’ve impacted his life and career or his supportive wife; Ride To The Roots explore Nucleya as both a man and a musician. Check out Nucleya’s Facebook page here.

What a fascinating story this will be.