Before unleashing monstrous tracks at the Red Bull Tour Bus: Off The Roof, Nucleya shared the songs that he grew up listening to throughout his life to Hindustan Times.

Anyone who has been around for the bass music boom in the past few years, will have heard of Nucleya aka Udyan Sagar. The Delhi-based DJ started out his journey with the release of his EP Koocha Monster back in 2013. The album made everyone from the music industry, as well as the general public, sit up and take notice because of the diversity of the songs. The bass heavy, Indian inspired dance floor rager tracks were something that would make the stiffest of people let loose! It wasn’t too long before Nucleya quickly became one of the biggest DJ’s in the country and has headlined several shows. His recent album ‘Raja Baja’ saw him fill up an entire stadium in Mumbai and that itself is enough to show the love people have for him.

Given the fact that his music is so unique in terms of approach as well as the sounds he uses, it is obvious that he must have been influenced by a wide range of songs while growing up, which he recently revealed by Hindustan Times!

Childhood: Surmayi Akhiyon Mein, from Sadma (1983)

“When I was in the 5th or 6th grade, I used to listen to this song, and others from the movie, all day long. I had a cassette of the entire album, and I still remember the cover art — a watercolour painting of the movie poster,” he said. After all, old is gold!

Growing up: Yeh Dil Yeh Pagal Dil Mera, by Ghulam Ali

“This is a song my parents played all the time. They listened to a lot of tracks by Ghulam Ali, in general, but I remember this one being their all-time favourite.”

Teenage years: Beyond Skin, by Nitin Sawhney

“This is what I was listening to when I started making music for the first time. I was in 11th or 12th grade. Nitin Sawhney is still one of the most brilliant musicians I have ever come across. I remember almost every track by heart even today,” he said. It’s pretty evident that the teenage years of Udyan Sagar is when he started to branch out more and discover new artists and tracks that would later influence his work!

College days: Punk Motherfucker, by Funkstörung

“I was introduced to Funkstörung’s (a German electronica duo) music by a friend, who is also an experimental musician. Most of my first few original tracks were heavily influenced by them.” Teenage years are what shape you up as a person!

When I met my wife: Take My Eyes Off You, by Lauryn Hill

“I was falling deeply in love with Smriti (Choudhary; artist and graphic designer), and this track used to be on loop all day. There’s not much of an explanation needed here. If you listen to the track, you will understand exactly how I felt.”

When my music wasn’t working: I Get Out by Lauryn Hill

“I had just broken away from Bandish Projekt, and started my solo project as Nucleya. At this point, my music was not working at all, and it was one of the most challenging times in my life. Lauryn Hill’s music, in some way or the other, always kept me on my feet.”

Birth of my son: Akkad Bakkad, by Nucleya

“Growing up, I never had the chance to listen to any of the nursery rhymes that kids listen to these days. I was only introduced to them when my son, Guri, was born. Around the same time, I released my debut EP, Koocha Monster, which featured this track, and it is pretty much responsible for everything that happened in my life since then.” This was the track that put Nucleya on the map because of the funny and catchy hook of the song!

Nucleya takes over the decks, once again, at the Red Bull Tour Bus: Off The Roof on October 16th at the PJ Hindu Gymkhana Grounds, Mumbai! 

Make sure you get your tickets now! 

(Information courtesy: Hindustan Times)