The dubstep/electro house super-group will be here this weekend, belting out the bass and drops like never before we prove. The Australian duo are all set to headline Smirnoff Experience in Mumbai, and we’re very curious to see what they have in store for us.

As usual, The Sherp is all about keeping you updated. So here are a few factoids about Knife Party, you should know.


1. They’re an offshoot of the amazing Drum ‘n’ bass band Pendulum

Yup, in 2011 Gareth McGrillen and Rob Swire formed Knife Party as an electro house alternative to Pendulum. A sort of side project, you can say. What they didn’t expect was the massive popularity Knife Party would garner – They were ranked at #53 on DJ Magazine‘s annual Top 100 DJs poll, #22 on thedjlist, and #9 based on 2013–2014 data conducted by Topple Track and JustGo Music. Ironically making Knife Party one of the most successful side-projects in the last 5 years.

Knife-Partyedit(Image Courtesy : Electric Daisy Carnival)


2. The moniker ‘Knife Party’ is from a metal song

The name has been derived from a Deftones song, which also very strangely made people believe the duo were advocating knife crimes. Rob swiftly handled the issue by stating, “We’re not advocating any type of knife-related crime any more than Swedish House Mafia were advocating organised crime.”


3. Their music has been featured on Breaking Bad

Remember that bass-heavy reggae inflused track that plays during the scene when Walt buys Walt Jr a spanking new sports car?

FYI : Bonfire as an EP was also Knife Party’s first ever entry on the Billboard 200, peaking at #75.


4. Did you know Rob sang the vocals on DeadMau5’s ‘Ghost’s ‘n’ Stuff?

“Joel asked if I wanted to do vocals on it…so I did! V proud of it, although in retrospect I think may have borrowed the melody from Chris Isaac ‘Wicked Game’ /lawsuit/”


5. They also collaborated with with the dance music supergroup Swedish House Mafia

…on their single, Antidote. Which of course did exceptionally well as a single. In the United Kingdom, the song debuted at number four on the UK Singles Chart and number one on the UK Dance Chart with first-week sales of 46,757 copies. Yup!

Catch them live at Smirnoff Experience this April 17.  Get your tickets here!

Smirnoff Experience, 2015