We’re shook up with this new leak of information!

People expected the DJ duo Daft Punk to take over Beyonce’s Coachella headlining act but since Lady Gaga was officially announced as her replacement, Daft Punk fans were just a slight bit disappointed. However, things are looking up for them!

An internal source for the French DJs’ production team told Playboy that the Robots will be announcing a big tour! The statement reads: “An anonymous source working on Daft Punk’s production has confirmed to Playboy that the Robots are planning a major—and we do mean major—tour this spring.”

This makes total sense after the cryptic video they posted a while back! The duo have been in the spotlight recently after they delivered a stunner of a performance at the Grammys with The Weeknd as well as for their pop-up store in Los Angeles. Why do they keep continuing to tease us?

(Credits: giphy.com)

We’re just praying for this to be true! Cross all your fingers and toes, peeps.