Her dad also happens to be the President of the United States. Turns out Malia Obama is just like the rest of us!

Malia Obama, a completely normal teenager with a “mildly” famous dad recently made her way to Lollapalooza. But unlike any other teenager, her visit has been treated with a media glare so intense that even her friends’ social media accounts aren’t spared from scrutiny. According to the media, a totally normal teenage girl doing totally normal teenage girl things at a festival are concerns of national security.

Things such as the First Daughter giving Radiohead a miss to check out Major Lazer’s show or a video of her ‘twerking’ have so far been unearthed. Such scandal. The latest in this series of hyper-coverage is a really jerky video of Ms. Obama smoking weed. Or maybe she was just trying to send us a message asking for help as she is being held hostage at one of the chillest festivals by her friends and forcibly made to have a good time. Will we ever know? Have a gander yourself.

Something tells us she really doesn’t care and she’s just gonna keep doing her fabulous self regardless of how silly people can be!