The Noisily Team have been working tirelessly to program the very best electronic music for 2020, and are excited to share their first wave of headliners and brand spanking new artwork, ahead of the main January release. Ace Ventura / Altruism / DJ Storm / Dub FX / EVP / Frankey & Sandrino / GaudiGoldie / Gregor Tresher / Hidden Empire / Hypogeo / Layo & Bushwacka

Noisily Festival of Music & Arts celebrates the individual, cultivates understanding in the collective, and explores what it means to be human via the mediums of music, art and healing. Deep in a secluded woodland at the heart of the English countryside, the site is as unique as the festival family some 6,000 strong who make the annual pilgrimage each July. 

With 3 large stages and a number of smaller satellite venues throughout the woods, the musical programming covers the breadth and depth of the Electronic genres.

Techno lives on the Noisily Stage, whilst Psy Trance finds its home on the Liquid Stage, and Bass Music at the Treehouse. The Nook, the newest addition to the festival, has provided a platform for the emerging sounds of Medicinal House and Desert Techno with long journey sets a staple.

Beyond the music, the festival site is adorned in interactive art installations, and in 2020 the theme isWe Are Nature’, wherein all artists have been encouraged to keep our fragile environment at the centre of their planning and production. To complete the festival experience, the Mind Body Soul healing area is a holistic space where hundreds of contributors come together to share knowledge and skills with the guests, including a full program of panels and talks, yoga and bodywork, therapies, workshops, sound healing, hot tubs and everything in between.