The singer was apparently inspired by his favourite show ‘Narcos’!

Noel Gallagher is a badass! Everyone knows that but what you might not know is that for his 50th birthday, the singer will be throwing a cocaine themed birthday party! Even the invites are based around the show with his head being photo-shopped onto actor Wagner Moura’s body! (He’s the one who plays Pablo Escobar on the show BTW)

Noel’s wife Sara MacDonald shared the invite on her Instagram page and we must say, it will probably be a total rager. The card also displays the show’s tagline, “There’s no business like blow business,” at the top.

In the past the singer has been vocal about his use of cocaine while writing songs for a number of Oasis albums before quitting the drug habit after stating, “It was easy to give up. I just thought one afternoon: ‘I am bored now’. And I thought: ‘This is against the law’.”

However, his rival and brother Liam Gallagher went on social media to state that Noel failed to invite him and the rest of the family to this party. See his Tweet here:

Bitterness aside, we’d like to see what goes down at the party! Won’t you?