DJ Tiësto turns Horan’s acoustic track into a club tune.

In September, One Direction’s Niall Horan surprised his fans by releasing his debut solo single, This TownThe track finds him strumming a guitar, reminiscing about a childhood sweetheart. “Yesterday I thought I saw your shadow running round / It’s funny how things never change in this old town,” he sings. The song had been accompanied by a stripped down, black-and-white video of the Irish singer performing with “one mic” and “one take.” With the track’s release came the announcement that the artist had signed a solo deal with Capitol Records.

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Ever since, the artist has been surprising his fans with TV appearances, funny music videos and of course, the news of his collaboration with Shawn Mendes. However, not a single person was ready for this surprise. The singer had collaborated with Tiësto for a remix of his single.

If you have heard this song and are anything like us, you probably thought that it is a perfect heartbreak song. But, DJ Tiësto saw potential and set to work. The Dutch EDM producer and turntablist remixed it, gave it a chunky beat, shaved a minute of the original track, all without distorting the vocals. And, just like that, from a song that is perfect for when you sit in your PJs, scarfing down ice-cream and comfort food, we have a track that we can dance to.

The singer shared the collaboration on his Spotify account, where you can hear the full track. Here is a little sneak though: