New York is famous for a lot of things, but the New York Pizza slice has to be on top of that list!

New York, in a lot of ways, is similar to Mumbai. The city has tons of people, everyone is always in a rush and the city never sleeps. The city sees thousands of people rushing every day till the wee hours of the night. Given the hustle and bustle surrounding everyone, you need a food that is a quick delicious bite and is affordable. For us Mumbaikars, it has always been the humble vada-pav. When it comes to New York, that snack is nothing but the all-mighty PIZZA!


In honour of the omnipresent people pleaser, New York’s annual $1 Slice Night is back and they are getting 50 of the best pizzerias from all around the city! Every place is going to sell a slice of pizza for only $1, staying true to the one dollar prices that pizzas have become famous for.

The money raised from the whole festival is going to be raised for charity and is going to be donated to NYC hunger relief charities! The night begins on Wednesday 6pm and it’s going to get crowded pretty soon, so make sure you’re there early! Dollar tickets for slices will be available at the door of the venue, The Lower Hall at 155 Sullivan St (at Houston).

Make sure you come on an empty stomach, because there is going to be a lot of gooey cheese and toppings!