W.O.L.F. festival is as unique as festival experiences get, fusing together a psy trance experience with the thrill of adventure sports!

As unbelievable and bizarre as it sounds, festival enthusiasts now have a reason to rejoice, as Way Of Life Festival aka W.O.L.F. brings a unique experience to the locale of Serbia, fusing together adventure sports and psy trance music, from 28-30 July, this year.

The event is the brainchild of ADDICTED organisation, who have an impressive roster of previous festival experiences, one of the popular ones being PLUR Festival in 2016. Check out the video for it below:

The festival idea is centric and based on the spirit animal – the wolf. As the organizers describe it, Serbians and their way of life resonate strongly with the instincts of a wolf. The desire to be free, unconstrained, powerful, knowledgeable, are just some of the values that the festival idolizes. To promote that thought and to inculcate free beings from the world over, the festival is catered in such a way that attendees get to truly live their heart’s content and be themselves during the duration of the festival.

The debut edition of the festival will host prominent psy trance acts and world renowned producers from as many countries such as Chile, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Great Britain, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia. The main performances, visual acts and scenography will take place at the monument of nature “Straža” near Vrsac, Serbia.

Apart from world class music, the festival hosts some adrenaline surging adventure activities such as kayaking, airsoft, paintball, shooting, volleyball and swimming in the clear waters of River Kharas.

Additionally, attendees will be able to witness mesmerizing acts by jugglers, artists with fire, painters, acrobats, cartoon artists and designers. All this along with a unique showcase of unique jewellery, clothes, artworks and handicrafts, that you can purchase during your visit there. 

The festival encourages people that share their vision and passion to come forward and be a part of the festival through volunteering in different aspects. The call is out to all adventurers, thrill seekers, musicians, artists, free spirits, entertainers and all alike. To be a part of the festival, drop in a query at office@wayoflifefest.org. 

As an initiative to promote tourism in Vrsac, Serbia, the City of Vrsac and the Tourist Organization of Vrsac have made an exclusive offer, so that festival attendees from, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania, Austria and Norway can visit the festival and enjoy all programs for free. Tickets to the festival include three-day access to the festival, free camping site, free parking, showers, beach and toilets. Entry for children under 10 years is free.

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Image courtesy – ADDICTED Organisation