Finnish concert goers will now be refunded by promoters for a ‘bad’ set.

On July 3, Finland’s Consumer Disputes Board ruled that concertgoers are entitled to a refund if the performance falls “well below reasonably expected standards.”

This could be a genius way of getting rid of button-pushing DJs out to dupe crowds  with poor performances. For a EDM enthusiast, it must be intensely aggravating that something you paid a bomb for not only didn’t meet your expectations, but also took on the facade of a genre others work hard to make their name in.


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Having said that, this statement seems rather subjective, right? A concert could suck for you and me, but be totally awesome for another individual. But Pauli Ståhlberg, the British broadcaster who broke the story says, “Anyone seeking a ruling like this is always spurred by a subjective opinion, but that’s not enough to get a refund. What is significant is a generally agreed view that the concert was a failure, as it was in the Chuck Berry case,”

The Chuck Berry case, which compelled the ruling, refers to a 2013 event in Helsinki, which left Finnish fans present at the event dissatisfied and even outright enraged at the poorly delivered performance.

Therefore, a refund will only be granted if popular opinions states that the concert was “bad”. However, no such ruling has been passed for music festivals yet. Do let us know what you think, folks.