This November 5, get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with stop-overs at Mumbai, Shillong, Madurai, and Delhi.

Promising a pool of talent are the streets of India as amidst the monumental architecture and bylanes lay undiscovered artists and performers. Bringing India’s street-style and urban culture to life is a joint effort of 8 rappers, 36 dancers, 7 artists, and countless creators. The outcome of which is the Suede Gully. A hip-hop anthem and music video, Suedu Gully, is a collaboration which entails the largest street art performance the country has ever seen.

Showcasing three different forms of street art – music, graffiti, and dance, Suede Gully is directed by Sasha Rainbow. Featuring hip-hop star Prabh Deep, Khasi Bloodz, and Madurai Souljou along with hip-hop legend, Divine, the music is composed by Sneha Khanwalkar. The dance crew includes the likes of Mukti Mohan, Unity One, Black Ice Crew, Unity Crew, and Flying Machine. Bringing street art into the scene is Shilo Shiv Suleiman with artists like Anpu and Baadal Nanjudaswamy.

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