Be it the studio or the streets, making music shouldn’t be limited to where you are, and that is why you need these gadgets to up your music game!

Most of us have had the habit of tapping our thighs to a beat or humming random tunes. Musicians call it the ‘aha’ moment. And not remembering the tune later on leads to a frustrating ‘AAH’! Fret not, the Sherp’s got you covered and has put together a list of some uber cool gadgets you just must have! Check them out :

1. DrumPants 2.0 

The Drum Pants 2.0 has to be the coolest wearable instruments we have seen! These cool percussion bands can be worn either over or under your clothes and it comes with a controller that boasts of 150+ in-built sounds. You can create sounds in the form of percussion, synthesizers, guitars, pianos or even upload your own custom sounds! The sounds are compatible with Control Ableton Live, Garageband, Logic Pro X, Reason, and hundreds of other apps wirelessly or over USB MIDI. Could there be a more natural way of making music!

2. Artiphon Instrument 1

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Artiphon Instrument 1 is a versatile, compact and gorgeous beaut! The uber cool gadget is anything you want it to be. Be it a guitar, violin, bass, piano, drum machine and more! It is self-powered and connects to your iOS smartphones or computer. The sleek tech marvel is compatible with 100’s of MIDI powered apps like Ableton Live, Pro Tool, Logic and more! It’s your perfect companion on the go and here is where you can get it!

3. Jambé


Make some killer beats with the Jambé! Be it reggae music or even metal, if your fingers can tap it, this electronically powered beast will record it. The Jambé connects to your Apple iOS device, from where you can also easily expand and modify the sounds. What’s more, you can either tap the drum kit or even hit it with drum sticks to get it thumping. Get yours right HERE!

4. Gibson Memory Cable 

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Talk about nifty hacks and this one lifesaver comes to mind! The Gibson GC-R05 Memory Cable is a 16 ft long guitar cable that plugs into your amp and guitar. The battery powered cable has about 8 hours battery life and boasts of an impressive 13 hours recording playback limit. It comes with an in-built 4GB storage that can be easily expanded via external Micro SD cards. The guitar cable is a little pricey at almost 7000 rupees, but trust us, it is worth the investment! You can buy it here

5. Mikey Digital Microphone 

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Don’t we all hate the time we get home after a kickass concert and check the videos of our favourite band’s performance only to cringe at the unbelievably horrible sound quality?! The Mikey Digital Microphone is the answer to all those woes and more. The pocket-size, lightweight, recorder can capture sound levels of up to 130db, and without any distortion. It is only compatible with Apple’s iOS devices and packs the punch of studio level recording equipment too. With a convenient 230° rotating design, this recorder can literally record anything, anywhere. What’s more, its 1/8″ stereo input lets you record guitar, bass, keyboards or even more from a DJ mixer. Grab your recorder here!