NBA Youngboy’s official clothing brand Never Broke Again just teamed up with the famous streetwear merchants Vlone, to release a new line of hoodies, shirts, sweats, and balaclavas. 

YoungBoy, one of the biggest rappers out right now and A$AP Bari’s Vlone’s popularity among streetwear fans, makes this collaboration seem like a no-brainer. According to Vlone’s website, the collab comes in celebration of the success of YoungBoy’s second studio album Top. Top dominated both the Billboard 200 and the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop album charts upon its release, which allowed it to stay on top of both charts.

Designed with back and front prints in electrifying shades of green and red, each piece in the line is representative of songs off Top’s tracklist, namely “Dead Trollz”, “My Window”, and “Reaper’s Child”.

“Dead Trollz” is the eleventh track on the album, where YoungBoy takes a stab at his enemies (“Haha b*tch, I want you to act like you gon’ do somethin’). The “Trollz” tee is meant to represent that, featuring a multicolored graphic of a rabbit with Vlone’s characteristic “V” stamped across the back.

 “My Window” is the album’s seventh track featuring Lil Wayne, where YoungBoy shares stories of his dealings with paranoia (“Who’s that peekin’ in my mot****ckin’ window?”). The “My Window” tee features a back graphic of YoungBoy in black and white.

On “Reaper’s Child”, YoungBoy goes into even more detail about his lifestyle and upbringing, as well as the impact of fake love on his psyche; the “Reaper’s Child” tee also features a black and white graphic of YoungBoy, reminiscent of Top’s cover art with a red Vlone “V” written across his forehead. 

Vlone states on their website that their clothing is made with “top quality” materials, featuring immediately recognizable and exclusive prints and designs. 

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