NBA Young Boy is an artist who has seen massive success on the youtube platform in the last couple of years. That being said, NBA Young Boy’s success is equivalent to Youtube’s success as they get views out of his music. But recently there has been some controversy surrounding Youtube and NBA Young Boy as Youtube is trying to shadow ban NBA YoungBoy!

NBA Young Boy shadow banned on youtube!

He is all set to get his third number one album on the Billboard charts. He is one of the most streamed artists of last year on all platforms, including Youtube. But as we all know, most of the rappers in the industry are involved in criminal activities. Some even have spent time in jail.

He isn’t any different, he has multiple cases going on as we speak right now, but nothing too high profile. So youtube has decided to shadow ban him from their platform, which means he is not getting the promotion needed for his album. The youtube algorithm which made him famous is working against him.

Is this ungrateful from the side of youtube? that’s what NBA Young Boy’s manager thinks. But every rapper has done crimes, and worst ones to be honest, so it makes no sense to target him.

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