Drake is a commercial juggernaut at this point, and no one can deny his reign; he is the most commercially successful hip-hop artist of all time. Almost every song from Drake’s album is on the charts, and at the time of the drop, 9 out of the 10 top 10 spots were filled with Drake songs!


Drake trolling the music industry with CLB

At this point in his career, Drake doesn’t even care about the music he puts out. His last three albums all sound the same, but still, somehow, he manages to bag the top spot every time. The rollout for CLB started almost a year ago; there were teasers, there were banners in many cities, and he just dropped the album with a 2-day notice with an emoji as an album cover.

Drake has had 58 number one songs on the charts. At this point, the second position is held by Madonna with 30 something songs. But Drake’s music has never been so generic as it is now, but somehow he is more successful when he drops generic music.

His album is in stark contrast to Kanye’s Donda. Which is a piece of art that shows Kanye’s vision and, quite frankly, better songs. CLB has a song titles girls want girls, and Drake says ‘I’m a lesbian’ in that song. It is fair to say that Drake can drop the most garbage project any time of the year and still chart!

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