Have you ever been tempted to attend a live sports festival? Sports on the big screen is one of the best ways to feel more involved in the game, with your friends. Plus, it’s one of the finest atmospheres that you could choose to place a bet in.

If you’re interested in betting, and considering dipping your toe into the world of big-screen spots, keep reading. Here’s my experience with sports betting while watching the game on a festival screen!

Euros 2021: the scene

If you’re a football fan, you’ll know that the Euros are an unmissable event. The UEFA European Football Championship (aka the Euros) is a tournament created by the Union of Football Associations.

The 2020 games were delayed by a year, leaving us with an overdue 2021 tournament. These matches were held across 11 different European countries, ensuring nations came together to enjoy live sports.

But the Euros didn’t just bring nations together; the best online sportsbooks were all over the tournament as well. Due to the delay, fans were more invested than ever in their favorite teams and big screen events were being staged at every bar.


Like most football fans, I was a keen viewer and watched nearly all the games. 2021 was a warm summer, and you couldn’t escape the football fever. Every sports bar was providing great coverage of this impressive tournament with big festival screens, and all the fans were showing up for their teams.

I hadn’t thought much of sports betting – until the 2021 Euros tournament, that is. See, I’m usually happy to watch and enjoy, but this year, England managed to break through into the finals. After a series of nail-biting games, we’d finally got to the spot any team dreams of being in. So, why not? We’d been so lucky throughout!

By the time the final rolled around, England was in a strong position. With some strong play under their belt and impressive management from Gareth Southgate, the team was coming back stronger after their World Cup play in 2018.

With excitement and the scent of luck in the air, I decided this was the year to finally embrace a friendly bet. Before the time to place the sportsbook bet came, I made sure I followed the essential tips online.

I made a choice that surprised a lot of my friends. You see, England was up against Italy in the final, and being an England fan, you’d expect me to place my cash on my home team. But that’s not exactly what happened. Against my friends’ wishes, I placed my bets on Italy (mostly due to some telling odds), opting for a straight-up bet on the Italian team.

Would I regret this? I was nervous running up to the final game.

The final game

When the Euros final day eventually arrived, the atmosphere was tense. My personal opinion was split, my heart wanted England to prove everyone wrong and take the title, but the odds and my bets were placed on Italy.

Thanks to a friend’s booking, we were set to watch the big game on a big screen at the local sports bar. Equipped with a large screen, ice-cold drinks and more than enough passion, this was going to be a good night, regardless of the results.

Minutes into the game, England scored, and the bar went wild. Though I rejoiced, I was shaking inside. What about my bet? Regardless, I celebrated and enjoyed it. As the game unfolded, Italy equalized with another goal. The score was now 1-1. A tense atmosphere settled over the bar.

After a fierce extra time session and no goals, the teams were on to penalties. All football fans know that penalties are a high-stakes situation. We crowded around the oversized screen, biting nails and feeling panicked.

But I needn’t have worried. Italy came through and beat England 3-2 in penalties, securing my straight-up bet – and my pride. Though my heart was wounded, the extra cash in my pocket was enjoyed via a round of commiseration drinks for my friends.

The outlook

Nothing beats watching the game at a festival or on a big screen. If I have one piece of advice for anyone planning to watch their team, it’s to make sure you make an effort to book a public viewing. Celebrating with like-minded fans and enjoying the full-screen experience is in a totally different league to home viewing!