The Symbiosis Gathering is a manifestation of all that makes a festival work – brilliant music, contemporary art installations, self expression and wellness exercises!

With festivals spanning across genres, there is a genuine growth in demand for transformational festivals. Especially those that see a confluence of art, music and social well-being. That way, the Symbiosis Gathering held in the sunny Woodward Reservoir in Oakdale, California, brings together a variety of elements to create a compelling conjugation of several kinds. This weekend, the festival returns with a stellar lineup of performers, and several activities in tow! The Sherp dissect.

Piotr-Wojnarski_Sun-sets-over-the-Cove(Credit: Piotr Wojnarski)

The Symbiosis Community

The Symbiosis Gathering is borne out of the desire of creating a mutually symbiotic community; one that exists on well-being and nurture. The genesis of the festival bears the stamp of allowing social interaction of an elevated kind, prioritizing mind over body, goodness over glamour. The festival, in that endeavour, involves activities that boost intimate relationships and community goodness, which can be seen by the general good vibes the festival motivates.

Zipporah Lomax 4(Credit: Zipporah Lomax)

Zipporah Lomax 3(Credit: Zipporah Lomax)


Symbiosis Gathering involves acclaimed artists, local and otherwise to exhibit their work at the festival, whether it’s visual paintings, made live, or expressive art installations, that can be seen combating for your artistic attention across the festival arena. Apart from these installations, is the festival’s quest to bring in performers of varied kinds. From theatrical dancers, to aerobic maestros, from workshops by yoga experts to wellness exercises. From live painting programmes to conscious celebration, the festival is an involve-all pallet, catering to the need of every person in attendance, in their own unique manner.

Zipporah-Lomax_Clowning-Around-II(Credit: Zipporah Lomax)

Zipporah Lomax 2(Credit: Zipporah Lomax)

Piotr Wojnarski 5(Credit: Piotr Wojnarski)

Installation Paradise

If you thought the mega-event of Burning Man was the start and end to capriciously creative art installations, the burst of creativity at Symbiosis will have you rolling your eyes in awe. Some extremely enthralling visual creations are on display, every Gathering edition, featuring works that command metaphysical attention. The entire arena resembles an artist’s playground!

Zipporah Lomax(Credit: Zipporah Lomax)

Brendan-Jaffer-Thom_The-Coyote-by-Bryan-Tedrick(Credit: Thom The Coyote by Bryan Tedrick | Brendan Jaffer)

Piotr Wojnarski 4(Credit: Piotr Wojnarski)

The 2015 Musical Lineup


The Symbiosis Gathering, year after year, involves musicians from across the musical spectrum, giving a stage to artists from downtempo, psy-trance, house music, minimal, techno and fusion electronica. This year too, the festival features names, the likes of Nicholas Jaar, Tipper, Four Tet, Shpongle, Damian Lazarus, The Acid, Random Rab, Swarup, and Justin Martin to name a few. Quite an eclectic playlist for electronic music lovers.


With festivals being more about artistic getaways than wasted nightouts, Symbiosis and its embrace of wellness exercises, especially yoga, bodes well with the several people who turn up at the festival. The workshops in the practice are given by several notable names from the wellness circuit, who spend several hours dispensing mantras about the same, making the festival a great place for some serious mind and body shaping.

Setareh-Vatan_Yoga-at-the-Rainbow-Dome(Credit:  Yoga at the Rainbow Dome | Setareh Vatan )

Julie-Hanna_Yoga-in-the-Movement-Shala(Credit: Yoga in the Movement Shala | Julie Hanna)

Dress Up!

Apart from art and music, Symbiosis attendees spend a good amount of time by coming in the choicest of costumes, making the festival a hotbed for quirky and wacky talent. The costumes, in question, are not just creatively alluring but they add in to the whimsically gorgeous quality of the festival.

Zipporah-Lomax_Opening-Ceremony-for-SG13(Credit: Zipporah Lomax)

Zipporah-Lomax_Jumping-for-Joy(Credit: Zipporah Lomax)

Festival Vibe

Symbiosis is a festival, radiating with positivity and a welcoming spirit. Attendees cover people of all age groups, soaking in the festival’s inherent spirit of goodness, while consciously witnessing performances of great artistic value, making it the perfect event for people wishing to learn about art, lifestyle and more.

Zipporah-Lomax_Young-Hula-Hoopers-Practing-their-Trade(Credit: Zipporah Lomax)

Piotr-Wojnarski_Fun-With-Flowtoys-in-the-Pantheon(Credit: Piotr Wojnarski)