Every second of every minute of every day one football field of Rainforest is lost due to deforestation.

Each year, the threat to the planet increases with the rising rates of deforestation, and loss of rainforests. Deforestation cultivates a major portion of global pollution and accounts for 70%, which is a margin larger than any other factor, of the world’s pollution.

In an attempt to tackle this world threat, founders Ricardo Porteus and Tom Murray, who had a chance meeting at Burning Man Festival in Nevada, came together and created the Dance For One Meter (D41M) movement. 

Ricardo Porteus says, The D41M project is rolling out globally, so far everyone we have spoken to has agreed to join our initiative, it’s such a humbling feeling to know that this is happening and it’s happening on a large scale right now! The D41M initiative is growing with Paul Oakenfold and Judge Jules now supporting us, alongside celebrity names in environmental protection and thought leadership being announced soon”

The movement already has its support with early partners Hï Ibiza, HRBR Project NYC, Paul Oakenfold and Judge Jules, among other festivals, nightclubs and events soon to be on board.

Hï Ibiza owner, CEO & artistic director Yann Pissenem adds ¨I am very happy and proud to be part of such an important, amazing and worthwhile project. Deforestation is one of the biggest environmental issues facing the planet and to be able to partner with the D41M team is incredible. Being able to harness the power of clubbing in Ibiza and technology to make a difference on a global scale is an opportunity we had to be involved with”

By simply attending a D41M partnered event or festival, the attendee has the opportunity to contribute to the preservation of rainforests by saving 1sqm of rainforests on a single ticket purchase. On redeeming the ticket, the attendee can zoom into the coordinates of the preserved area in Cuipo Foundation Rainforest Preserve in Brazil.  

The ”Dance For One Meter” movement will be the largest environmental movement in the electronic music industry, and with the increasing support from festivals, nightclubs and artists worldwide, the movement is soon to change the face of the music and events industry.

For more information about D41M check out the website here.

For Hï Ibiza events and participation with D41M, find out more here.