In the past one week, as many as three upcoming music events in the USA have kicked out the Grammy Award-winning rapper’s name from their roster after he made some rather sour comments about rape victims

Could a career, or a part of it, be damaged in 140 characters or less? Apparently, yes. Last week, rapper CeeLo Green, caused an uproar on Twitter by saying something to the effect of ‘a woman cannot cry rape if she has been unconscious during the sexual act.’ One of the daftest and the most irresponsible public comments ever heard coming from a person, the series of posts where the musician indulged in careless showboating caused a severe blow to his image in a matter of seconds.

Although he was quick to delete his account temporarily, according to news reports, one of his incisive tweets read:

“People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!” and “If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH Implies consent.”

Apart from facing justified wrath of thousands of people, CeeLo was also dropped unceremoniously from the line-ups of as many as three upcoming festivals that he was to play at — The BayFest Music Festival in Alabama on October 4; Gretna Heritage Festival, Lousiana on October 3, and JBAB Freedom Live Festival on September 20.

And by the time the singer, who has been associated with hip hop outfit Goodie Mob, and soul act Gnarls Barkley, offered an apology on Facebook and his revived Twitter account, it was too late.




(Cover Image Courtesy: CeeLo Green Facebook)