For camping and music enthusiasts alike, Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival or BEVC offers a plethora of options. Here’s everything you can expect from the festival’s 2015 edition.

If music, camping, community bonfires, adventure sports and tribal living are activities that interest you, then the Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival might be the music festival bringing you the best of it all. The upcoming edition from December 17 to 20 is not just about the great music that they undoubtedly have, but every activity that emerges to make the BEVC weekend a truly memorable one for any festival goer.

The Sherp chronicles everything you can expect from the coming weekend! Take our word. It’s huge.

That amazing lineup

Tiesto, Fatboy Slim, Dubfire, Far East Movement, Ferry Corsten and Shpongle? This, along with a slate of other eclectic artists makes the BEVC 2015 lineup one worth hooting for. And given BEVC’s penchant for grand stages, and even grander spectacles, it’s sure to be a show worth every music fan in the crowd. Prepare yourself for a weekend of music unlike ever witnessed.



Camp up with the community

BEVC is a camper’s delight. With camping options ranging from basic, comfortable tents to luxurious ones that are truly state-of-the-art, camping at BEVC makes for an incredible experience. Set in the hills of Aamby Valley, the weather just makes the experience worth it. In addition to this, with the camps being laid out one after the other, you feel truly initiated into the BEVC tribe.





Are you adventurous enough?

For fans of adventure sports, the BEVC arena awards you ample opportunities to get down and dirty. From daring the bungee jump to scurrying away to the skies in a hot air balloon, to getting down and dirty on dirk bikes and atvs, the vast expanse of festival grounds lets you channel your inner your spirit like a pro.


For the art lover in you

If art is your ally, you will walk away impressed by the sensorium of artistic brilliance that will be on display at BEVC. With professional artists from around the world gracing the festival, all of them will have a go at the exclusive graffiti wall laid out for them to play merry. Watch the magic unfurl with your own eyes.


Camp like a pro

Camping at BEVC isn’t just about hauling up in tents. It’s all about gathering together at the community campsite where one can foster many a meaningful relationship with other members of the community. You may gather at the bonfire for jam sessions or for the famous drum circle sessions, where artists with percussion instruments gather around the site for the reverberating sounds of the night.


Art it up

For fans of handiwork, BEVC has in store for you several handiwork projects such as dream-catcher designing workshops, POI workshops that will send the tripper in you dancing and art and painting workshops for those waiting to unleash their inner artiste. There awaits something for all!




An after party that’s as quiet as the woods

If you wish to have a sombre after-party after a maddening schedule, the BEVC silent parties are famously haunted for the experience. The very concept of a silent party is one each one us would covet after enthusiastic performances. It’s absolute isolation for the listeners, each sporting headphones giving them the desired audio, even as they dance and shuffle next to each other.


It’s all in the community

This year’s BEVC is a true community exercise in more ways than one, starting with it being absolutely cash free. Attendees will be treated to a festival experience that will function on an anti-monetary system, where people can buy whatever they want without lugging around notes of cash. There will be several recharge points stationed around the arena, where users can refill their festival bands with recharge, and use those very same bands throughout the festival, whether it be for food, drinks or even merchandise, without having to reach for your wallet again.


The fancy Culinarium

For food and drink enthusiasts, BEVC 2015 has a specially designed section called the Culinarium, a mini food market designed with assorted stalls curated through vigorous checking. Make way for some scrumptious selection of food, chosen to make each and every community member’s culinary experience a worthwhile one.