With winter comes Canada’s most unusual music festival, Igloofest, that allows attendees to experience music surrounded by artistic ice sculptures.

For almost four weekends, Montreal’s Old Port is converted to resemble somewhat of an ice-escapade, with possibly the most fun winter music festival one can imagine. Taking place under the abode of starlit skies is  Igloofest, which is a month long winter festival comprising of twelve nights of uninterrupted music. Music, with architectural prototypes made completely of ice, with the venue’s giant playground made to look like a cooling visual spectacle.

igloofest - Pété Photographie 23(Source:  Pété Photographie | Igloo Fest Facebook)

Through the weekends of January 14-16 , 21-23, 29-31 as well as February 4-6, The Old Port of Montreal witnesses the best of winter – ice, sculpture, music and snugwear, as Igloofest descends over the venue with its choicest selection of the best of everything. For if ever there was a true winter festival, this was it.

igloofest - Pété Photographie 15(Source: Pété Photographie | Igloo Fest Facebook)

The ambience is breathtaking

Surrounded by imposing structures of ice sculpted to perfection, grand stages set up with architectural ingenuity and a visual light show to accompany the music, all while you’re surrounded by snow, with stars up in the sky for comfort, Igloofest is stunning even without the music; making it a must-be-at gathering to experience Canada’s famed winters at their most glorious best.

igloofest - Pété Photographie 14(Source: Pété Photographie | Igloo Fest Facebook)

igloofest - Pété Photographie 4
(Source: Pété Photographie | Igloo Fest Facebook)

Igloofest is the quintessential igloo life

Winter is the predominant theme in everything Igloofest does, or is up to. It truly is the archetypal igloo life as pop culture hath shown it. Because you’re not surrounded by snow, by grand sculpted homes of ice, and ice blocks crafted to visual richness. It’s not just aesthetic, but truly genius, not to mention absolutely awe-inspiring. This, combined with the precarious display of lights courtesy the performances makes Igloofest a true visual treat.

igloofest - Pété Photographie 2(Source: Pété Photographie | Igloo Fest Facebook)

igloofest - Pété Photographie 17(Source: Pété Photographie | Igloo Fest Facebook)

Rent-a-swag at Igloofest

If you thought winter wear was all about woollens, and not much ‘coolth’, then think again. For only at Igloofest is winter fashion taken to swag-worthy levels. Their fashion contest, Iglooswag, asks of their attendees to parade in the most quirky winter wear to bag the top prize is a huge draw among Igloofest loyalists who wear their creativity on their sleeve.

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(Source: Pété Photographie | Igloo Fest Facebook)

igloofest - Pété Photographie 9(Source: Pété Photographie | Igloo Fest Facebook)

Igloofest - Partywithsylvain 3(Source: Partywithsylvain | Igloofest Facebook)

Igloofest - Partywithsylvain
(Source: Partywithsylvain | Igloofest Facebook)

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(Source: Pété Photographie | Igloo Fest Facebook)

An excellent curation of electronic music

 Year after year the festival manage to bring out the very best in electronic music to perform. This year too, the festival has acts like Bonobo, Bambii, Dave clarke, Cherokee, Guy Gerber, Grand Theft, La Fleur, and Ma, among several others, enough to make any self-respecting electronic fan tizzy.

igloofest - Pété Photographie
(Source: Pété Photographie | Igloo Fest Facebook)

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(Source: Pété Photographie | Igloo Fest Facebook)


For a true taste of a musical winter, Igloofest is the one stop experience to soaking in the daunting season of chill in all its elements!

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(Source: Pété Photographie | Igloo Fest Facebook)

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(Source: Pété Photographie | Igloo Fest Facebook)

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(Source: Pété Photographie | Igloo Fest Facebook)