Glastonbury has a turnover of about £32 million. So how much do you think Michael Eavis, co-founder of UK’s top music festival, makes in a year? 

23rd Music Industry Trusts Award - London(Image Courtesy: Glastonbury Facebook)

In a recent conversation with the Western Daily Press, some astounding numbers related to Michael Eavis’ pay package have been revealed. Now considering your festival is the largest and most successful musical gathering in Britain, you’d probably favor this figure to be somewhere around the million mark. So how much do you think he does take home in a year? Well, it’s about  £60,000. And no, it’s not missing some extra zeros.

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A man who stays true to his humble beginnings, Michael Eavis said he pays his herdsman more than he takes home. Even after clearing his event cost and paying his staff, Eavis said he has no interest in the monetary aspect of the festival, and donates about  £2 million to charity each year. He fathers five children and hasn’t even purchased a car in 14 years. Nor does he enjoy splurging on vacations, but instead loves spending time at his holiday cottage in Cornwall. He was recently awarded a lifetime contribution award at the Music Industry Trust Awards and this revelation just adds to the greatness that surrounds the man.

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Glastonbury is one of the world’s foremost festivals, and this reflected in the fact that tickets for the 2015 edition sold out in less than half an hour. The line-up this year will be headlined by Lionel Richie, with more acts to be announced soon.

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