‘Taking My Parents To Burning Man’ is a documentary that captures the phenomenon that is Burning Man.

Burning Man is an immersive experience that sees about 50,000 free-spirited individuals every year in the dessert of Nevada. Known for the fascinating art and hedonistic vibes, there is little doubt about whether a trip to BM is an interesting affair or not.


(Image Courtesy: secretcitygeeklab.com)

Accompany the Boesens on their journey northern Nevada’s Black Rock Desert in a documentary that depicts the debauchery at BM if not brilliantly, then at least engagingly. But have no misconceptions that this film explores ethos of the place, still, it gives a potential Burning Man attendee a good glimpse of what they’re in for.

This movie was directed by Vancouver filmmaker and student Bryant Boesen as his senior project. View the trailer below.

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