Do you love beer so much that you wish you could just live inside a giant can of it? Well now you can!

Tents are great and all but when it comes to camping out in the heat, they get as hot as an oven. The added fact that most music festivals happen during the summers does nothing to help their cause. One festival in Denmark has found a remarkably cool (literally) work around for this widespread issue i.e. giant beer cans. No, they’re not giant cans of chilled beer for you to drink out of until you pass out and the heat doesn’t matter anymore. These can shaped structures are the latest offerings for accommodation at the Skanderborg Music Festival A.K.A. Smukfest.




(Courtesy : Skanderborg Music Festival)

Besides a lineup featuring big names such as Avicii, Hardwell, and Tiësto, the camping festival offers a package that upgrades your tent to this giant beer can. The Royal Unibrew branding covered structures offer a complete VIP experience as these cans come equipped with a bed, pillows, chairs, mirrors, shelves, and even a loft area. Why would anybody choose a tent when you can live in something this awesome instead?