Let the music take over your soul.

After the release of his debut “Running Shoes And A Thousand Dreams” back in 2016, singer Mohit Mukhi is back with the Mohit Mukhi Trio as they get prepped for their first official album!

The Contemporary Music Performance alumnus has been busy playing gigs in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore while writing new music with his partners in crime, singer/violinist Heather Andrews and Rahul Wadhwani on the keys. The Trio create material which is fresh yet nostalgic to transport you to a new environment all together. The band performed at this year’s Kala Ghoda Arts Festival back in February and just dropped their first single, “Are We Where We Want To Be.”

You can check out the track below:

This video is a noir masterpiece with the images of the effect of life from start to end while they sing about what could have been. You can clearly hear influences from Bob Dylan and John Mayer in the simplistic tune which manages to capture your heart within minutes. The beautiful blend of voices gives the song this soft yet powerful touch that instantly pulls at your heartstrings. You need to check out their previous work which is as captivating as this single.
The artists are currently working on an album which will be released soon so make sure you follow them on Mukhi’s Facebook, Youtube and SoundCloud to never miss anymore of their beautiful work.