The Minerva Conduct is a Mumbai-based prog-metal band that began as a studio project of Prateek Rajagopal (of Gutslit fame).

Prateek was soon joined by Ashwin Shriyan from Demonic Resurrection and Nishith Hegde from Albatross. The trio also play for the death metal band, Reptilian Death. They were brought together by their dream to go beyond death metal and create a unique sound, drawing inspiration from artists such as Periphery, Opeth, Jeff Loomis and others.

Image Source: Facebook

The band has been performing since 2013 and has since, released three singles. In the beginning of the year, the guitarist, Prateek, had announced the band’s decision to start recording the debut album. As a band, they have set a high benchmark for themselves, which is probably why this nine-track album has been made with the help of a few international collaborations. When they couldn’t find a drummer from India that matched their vision, their decision to not make any compromises when it comes their album led them to California-based Navene Koperweis. The drummer and synth artist, who has played for bands such as Animals as Leaders, and The Faceless, is now a part of the band, Entheos. Initially, Koperweis was called on with the purpose of providing synth for the album, with a Hong-Kong-based artist on the drums. However, when things fell apart between the band and the drummer, Koperweis stepped up.

The album has been mixed and mastered by Lassie Lambert of LSD Studios in Germany. Aria Fawn of She Paints With Blood created a canvas painting that will be featured as their album art. As full-time artists who work within a niche genre, funding this album on their own seemed impossible. So, they decided to turn to their listeners. Earlier this month, the band started crowdfunding through so that they could recover their cost of prodution. With 20 days to go, the band has already raised about 78 per cent of their target. Recently, the band released their tracklist, which features their previously-released singles, Unearth and Appetence, as well.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. “Vile”

2. “Desertion”

3. “Metanoia”

4. “Upshot”

5. “Exultant”

6. “Appetence”

7. “Trip Seq”

8. “Unearth”

9. “Grand Arcane”

If you haven’t heard them yet, take a minute and listen to their singles, here. Oh, and you can contribute to the album here.