An Indian making a mark on the world!

Three whole days of live music in the Spanish city of Montanejos! Milkman, in collaboration with Spanish concert promoter theBasement, is all set to curate the MainStage at the Dias De Campo Festival in the scenic town of Montanejos, a short distance from Valencia, Spain. Backdropped against the scenic beauty of this Spanish town, Dias De Campo promises three whole days of live music, camping and other fun activities for families and will be headlined by Dekmantel Soundsystem, supported by a line-up of some other really cool artists, like Tiago and Samo DJ and more!

A percentage of the proceeds from merch sales will be donated towards children’s growth in India, in collaboration with the Indian NGO, Pratham.


Jai Anand, the founder of Milkman and a student of the Berklee College of Music was born and raised in Mumbai, and moved to Valencia, Spain last year. His vision for the brand was to create gatherings and events for people with a love for dance music while simultaneously integrating elements of art, culture, and self-expression with a strong sense of community at the core of what they do. Milkman’s guest-mix series showcases up and coming artists such as DJ PSYCHIATRE from France, Todh Teri from India and Sweden, and Hesoyamjhithi from Serbia. Milkman also plans to launch their record label in the near future.

Credits: milkman

Since the conception of the company six months ago, Milkman has developed a small, yet growing community in Valencia, and has plans to expand to India, USA, and the UK in the very near future. We look forward to having them here with us! Check out their website:

Check out Milkman’s radio show here

You can check out the festival’s official  facebook page here.