James Hetfield had a lot to say about his haters.

Metallica is an American heavy metal band formed in Los Angeles, California. But so what if they’re pioneers in the metal scene and the inspiration for many bands and musicians; they have haters too.

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The band, accused of being sell outs by the people trying to defame them, has been given a calm yet an in your face type of an answer by the band’s frontman James Hetfield. In a recent interview by Jaxon of Philadelphia’s 93.3 WMMR, he said, “You get different versions of it now online, with all the haters and the people that have some bone to pick and they just… Whatever, they’ve got a resentment from ten years ago, and they’re bringing it up on this new album; they haven’t even heard it. It’s, like, ‘Alright. This is not a musical critique. This is someone’s pissed off and needing to get it out.’ So, you know, we don’t give a crap. We love what we do, and we’re doing it because we love doing it, and we’re making music we wanna hear. We’re artists, and it’s as simple as that. And you can judge it all you want, but we’re gonna do what we feel is right for us.”

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He also said, admitting that they were aware that the scene was changing constantly and they had to do something to come out loud, “Well, I think we’re here to evolve, and we do – we do evolve. But I’ll tell you, I’m not one to judge anybody who’s an artist and doing what they want. If you make the same album over and over and over, that’s what you love doing, that’s your safety box, that’s awesome, and it’s reliable. So there’s always something good in whatever’s coming out. We’re explorers, man – we love to try different stuff and stretch the limits.”

Credits : www.metalinjection.net

Hetfield has been the only member with co-founder Lars Ulrich since the band has formed back in 1981. He has led a generation to the metal scene and continues to do so. He has shown that they don’t really get offended by them haters. The band has been doing great with 10 albums and many hit tracks. The latest album being “Hardwired… To Self Destruct” was released this year and now they’re are looking forward to some headbanging time.