Monday is an interesting day of the week, with something new to offer as each one passes. Here’s the Sherp’s pick of interesting fodder for those #MentalMondays.

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While being a bride can be an insane affair, it is still something, that some women would want to revisit from time to time. In the centre of Krasnoyarsk, Russia; women gather every year to get back into those wondrous wedding gowns, and do it all over again at the Parade of Brides Festival. 

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Though this festival only sees a 100-odd brides every year, it is one of the most hectic festivals that could possibly be organised, as each of these 100 brides gets to relive their wedding experience, in all its glory, a second time.

Krasnoyark, is said to be one of the goofiest places in the world, and with all of it’s goofy, comes this festival. Some might dub this one of the best experiences of their lives, while some might want to steer very clear of this invocation of bittersweet nostalgia.

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It’s been rumoured that women that participate in this festival actually plan ahead, get on diets, weight loss regimes and whole lot more so that they can get back into shape for when they have to slip back into their wedding dresses and parade around the city centre while trying to reestablish the bonds of their nuptial agreements, and obviously engaging in some much needed revelry!

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