Arctic Moon, Simon O’Shine and Ahmed Romel troll ‘Beatport Top 10’! Read on…

There’s never a dull moment in the electronic music realm! The three trance producers are playfully lampooning ‘EDM Bangers’ and Beatport (suggesting that the Beatport chart only caters to, well, “bangers”). Here’s how it all started…

Arctic Moon (aka Tomasz Popielarski) posted a one-minute SoundCloud link on his Facebook page titled ‘Hey Beatport Can I Be In Top 10 Now AKA Another Massive EDM Banger’. The description read as: ‘made in around 15 minutes’. The track opens with some unusual-sounding Ukrainian lyrics:


European producer Simon O’Shine couldn’t help but reply to this, with another ‘banger’ titled ‘Not so easy Mr Arctic Moon… :))) Beatport is mine !!’

Nice comeback, Simon! Oh, and check out the image posted by him along with the one-minute track.


The buck did not stop there. Dubai-based Ahmed Romel joined in and posted a track less than one minute long, but full of sounds that can be well described as flatulences. The title read ‘Response to Arctic Moon & Simon O’shine .. Beatport is mine suckers !’ with the troll meme and a description stating: ‘done in 11 mins !’

Looks like every producer these days wants to bring out their fun side and indulge in some light-hearted trolling. And no matter what they say, we know there are producers still out there (like these trollers) keeping trance alive! 😀