Will there be an end to the discussion on who Marshmello is, ever?

Adding another layer of stupidity to the debate over Marshmello’s identity, the masked DJ/producer unmasked himself at EDC during his set, and it turned out to be none other than Tiesto.

In spite of online users confirming Marshmello’s identity as Dotcom (and with several points to back their case), the producer seems to have no intentions of stopping the ridiculous discussion over his real identity, further fueling the debate with his moderately-executed EDC prank that went viral on social media.

The worst part is, some people actually believed that Marshmello is, indeed, Tiesto, and tweeted about how shocked, surprised and amused they were. Some of them were even satisfied that the debate was finally over.

If you’re reading this and think it’s true that Marshmello is Tiesto, then why are there two Marshmellos in this picture taken before the show?


(Courtesy: dancingastronaut.com)

Deadmau5 had some less-than-flattering words to say about all the Marshmello hype at EDC. Though the mau5, just like us and everyone else, was sick of all the attention this was getting, he gave his opinions the usual Deadmau5 treatment, to which Marshmello retaliated. in another tweet.


We’re not undermining Tiesto’s skills (he’s a pretty great producer, after all), but doesn’t it seem a little bit weird seeing a Tiesto release on Monstercat?

We really hope Dotcom finally lets the cat out of the bag and puts an end to netizens’ miseries.