Marshmello has a face to his song ‘Ritual’ and he’s having a ball of a time in it too.  

Pillow-fights, skating around town with Skrillex, lying on the ground while puppies jump all over him; that pretty much describes the video for ‘Ritual’, his debut OWSLA single, which released this week. The video also features Valentino Khan, Slushii and other OWSLA affiliates joining in the fun. But guess who makes an appearance towards the end – fake Deadmau5.

In what appears to look like Marshmello forgiving Deadmau5 for all his twitter rants against the DJ, you can see the party heading to the beach and fake Deadmau5 sitting in the corner looking sullen. Marshmello walks up to him and offers a truce by inviting him to join the party, after which Deadmau5 is seen having a good time. In the end, they are all sitting together watching the sun rise. We wonder what the real Deadmau5 will have to say about this.

Just last month Skrillex took on Deadmau5 and called him a bully for accusing Marshmello for being “annoying” and calling his fans “brain dead posse of deaf sheep” on Twitter. But whatever Deadmau5 has to say, it doesn’t change the fact that the all-white dressed DJ has been the highest climber in the DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll this year.

Here’s the video for Ritual. Show the man some love, and here’s hoping Deadmau5 does too: