This weekend, a man collapsed and died at Bonnaroo Music Festival. Find more about the incident below.

An unidentified festival attendee lost his life at Bonnaroo this weekend after collapsing at the main festival stage, also known as Centeroo. The reason for his death was wholly unrelated to the festival or even his environment. The 47-year old individual had pre-existing cardiac issues, which caused his untimely death.

However, this is the 12th death at the 14 year old Bonnaroo Music Festival. Bad luck, perhaps.


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The man was cared for on-site and then transported to a local hospital immediately. “Those who were with him informed our medical team that he was suffering from a pre-existing cardiac condition and, unfortunately, we understand that he has died,” said Carl Monzo, emergency services director for Bonnaroo, in a statement. “The safety and security of our patrons are our top priority, and our medical staff responded flawlessly. Our sympathy goes out to his family and friends.”