The Orlem Music Nights is a unique festival that celebrates the rich musical heritage of the neighbourhood which is home to a number of talented musicians from both indie and commercial circuits

In a one-of-its-kind initiative, local musicians from Mumbai’s musically thriving suburb, Orlem, Malad, have joined hands to host a novel, community-based music festival. Orlem Music Nights will be a series of jam nights that will provide a stage to many established and up-and-coming talents from the neighbourhood. The concept has been put together by Coolwaters Entertainment and Longplay Entertainment.


Orlem is home to many musicians in the indie as well as Bollywood circuits, such as singer Caralisa Monteiro and Suraj Jagan, to bands  Raagaa Trippin’, Dischordian, Overhung, 2Blu from Zedde, The Mavyns and Sheldon Pereira. Not to mention session musicians such as Nyzel D’lima, Thomson Andrews, Vishal Lomjail and many more.

Apart from the regular nights featuring homegrown talents, the Visa To Orlem night will feature a band from other suburbs performing alongside with a local act to open up to newer fans.

Says Aaron ‘MrWaters’ Gomes, from Coolwaters Entertainment,

“The idea is to make Orlem, and through it, Mumbai, a buzzing bed of music activity like Memphis, Tennessee, or like Seattle was in the ’90s. We want people who visit Mumbai to know that Orlem is the place to go tofor great live music, wrapped in a warm blanket of hospitality and positive vibes.”

Adds Howard Pereira from Longplay Entertainment,

“We are thrilled to be able to bring on the same stage fresh new talent like Shivang, who is a multi instrumentalist and can play keys and guitar simultaneously, to jam with maybe a Chandresh Kudwa who is known for his Axetortion project and the G-uke. The best part is that for the first jam we also have a couple of Orlems pioneers of live music like Mr. Steve Francis who is one of the first musicians to spring out of Malad. Steve has the best stories!”

chandreshChandresh Kudwa will be performing at the inaugural night
(Image Courtesy: Chandresh Kudwa Facebook)

Here are the details of the first gig in the series:

Date: December 4, 2014

Venue: STFU

Artistes: Gary Gracious, Chandresh Kudwa, Sheldon Pereira, Steve Francis, Lenny Lawrence, Shivang Prasad, Sheldon Dixon, Rohan Ferreira, Pranita Nair Pandurangi, Vivian D’souza, Rishabh Seth, Howard Pereira, Aaron Mr.Waters Gomes, Afroz Inamdar, Agnelo Picardo, Pradeep Matthews, Spencer Pereira, Jasper Mcdow and many more!

Time: 8.30 pm Onward.

Entry: FREE