Mobile devices accounted for 54.8% of global internet traffic in the first three months of 2021. That means one thing: If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you’re losing out big time in your online marketing strategy. You need to apply a responsive web design to reach your target audience effectively.

We’ll skim over the tips and benefits of making your website friendly and responsive. You’ll need a budget to hire expert developers to help you improve your website. Consider approaching lenders for a small business loan to help you make your website friendly. 

What Is Responsive Design?

Responsive design is creating websites that function seamlessly with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile-friendly websites enable your customers to easily access your business and get a high-quality browsing experience from their mobile devices. For help in designing your website check Webentwicklung Dresden.

Benefits Of Making Your Site Friendly

It’s worth tweaking your website so that it’s responsive to mobile devices. If you require a small business loan to make it happen, reach out to a lender and optimize your site. Here’s why.

  • Higher traffic: The sheer number of users preferring to access the internet via mobile devices should be sufficient motivation to make your website mobile-friendly.
  • You give your customers a consistent experience across multiple devices. Enhanced user experience through faster download speeds and fewer bounce rates play a role in increasing conversions from hand-held devices.
  • Greater visibility of your site: Google considers the responsiveness of a website to mobile devices in its ranking matrix.
  • It’ll cost less to optimize your website for mobile devices than create a separate app for mobile users.

Design Tips To Apply To Have A Responsive Website

1.    Design with a fluid grid

At one time, sites from before used pixel measurements. This has now changed with designers building websites using a fluid grid. The grid makes the elements of your website adjust accordingly based on the size of the screen. This is different from basing the website on pixel measurements where the details had a set size and did not respond to the smaller screen dimensions.

A fluid grid thus allows your website to adjust and display well regardless of the size of the screen. This makes your website appear consistent over a variety of devices.

2.    Make use of suitable responsive breakpoints

To achieve a responsive website, web developers set breakpoints in the website. The breakpoint refers to points where a website’s content adapts to the screen on which it’s displayed to provide the most appropriate visual experience to the user. This eliminates the risk of having content that’s distorted or blocked from view.

Developers use responsive breakpoints that are also referred to as media query breakpoints or CSS breakpoints.

3.    Work with pre-designed themes or layouts

Converting your website to a responsive one can prove arduous to many small business owners who aren’t designers. Nonetheless, you can work with pre-designed themes and layouts that are already responsive. You’ll be required to fill in the content and choose the branding, colors, and fonts appropriate for your business website.

You can experiment with numerous themes in WordPress.

4.    Consider touchscreens

Multiple mobile devices now have touchscreens and it will be vital that you consider that when designing a responsive site. A responsive website will ordinarily allow for input via touchscreen. Ensure the icons on the screen, such as dropdown menus, are sufficiently large for ease of selection with fingertips. The buttons should be designed to render well on multiple devices.

5.    Work with expert developers

Even though there are pre-designed templates that you can work with, sometimes it’s best to outsource your web design project. Proven web design experts can tailor-make your site, making it unique. You can work with web design companies or freelancers to get the job done. If you’re short of cash to work with experienced developers, you can access an affordable small business loan for the task.


You might be losing revenue without knowing it if you still have a website that’s not friendly to mobile devices. Design a responsive website today and begin tapping into the massive online traffic originating from mobile devices.